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Tengfei machinary is high-tech enter price focus on the research, development ,and innovaion of garments and textile machinery , products, ser and solution. Tengfei Machinery is a high-tech enterprise focus on the research, development, and innovation of garments and textile
machinery technology, products, service and solution. Over the years, Tengfei Machinery always adheres to the science
and technology as the guide. Through in-depth cooperation with authoritative research institutions, it has laid a strong
foundation for independent R &D It has gain many scientific and technological achievements that attract the attention of
the industry and that form quality advantages to help it lead the industry.
Headquartered at Hangzhou, China, relying on the unique advantages of industrial cluster and outstanding concept and
mode of supply chain management, Tengfei has created the industry-leading cost advantage.
With outstanding cost performance, Tengfei Machinery is providing its customers with the widest range of finishing
garment and textile machines, including shrinking and forming machine, fusing press machine, cloth inspection machine,
shirt dedicated equipment, auxiliary equipment series, cutting tables etc. All the categories can constitute the whole
industry chain of garment and textile machinery. It's one of the China enterprises of complete categories.
Adhering to the business philosophy of "achieve customers' values", Tengfei Machinery provides its customers in wide
fields with professional, comprehensive, energy-saving, economic solutions to garment and textile machinery. With the
years' project practice, it has severed many customers from all kinds of textile and garment making industry. And it has
achieved many successful projects all over the world.
No matter providing systematic solution, or meeting the demands of key tasks, or providing the complete support,
Tengfei Machinery can always find the best combination with its customers' requirements, deal with the difficult
application problems in time, and create the unique values. Therefore, it has become many customers best partner.

Tengfei Machinery is a high-tech enterprise focus on the research, development, and innovation of garments and textile
machinery technology, products, service and solution. Over the years, Tengfei Machinery always adheres to the science
and tec...


In order to better serve the needs of users, we will guide the use of timely and after-sales service, and we are in the spirit of "all pursuit of high quality, high quality and customer satisfaction". The following commitments are made to users with the principle of "thoughtful service and reliable product quality":


1.Product quality commitment:

1. The manufacturing and testing of the products meet the national standards.

2. The products are inspected by professional testers to ensure that the products meet the requirements of your department.

3. If there is any quality problem in the warranty period, we are willing to take all the responsibilities.

4, we have professional sales and service team, market-oriented, constantly blaze new trails, thought that the customer provide more market competitiveness of products and services as the goal, to zero customer complaint, create a win-win situation.


2. Delivery time commitment:

We ensure that the provided product to deliver the goods in accordance with the need to request time designated place, if you have special requirements, need to be ahead of schedule, we can negotiate with you, ensure timely meet your demand.


3.If the goods provided by the vendor when unpacking the case, found to have any problems (including appearance damage), must be able to accept to use the way to solve: timely replacement and maintenance for new products.


4.In the warranty period, the same three consecutive maintenance equipment, the same quality problem still can't normal use, we promise to replace with brand new equipment, the same model, and the quality of the products implement "3 packets" service. During the warranty period, the replacement and maintenance of the equipment will only charge the cost of spare parts, and no artificial technology or service fee will be charged.


5.After the after-sales service capacity and the life of the design of the equipment, we should guarantee the use of the original parts of the original plant to ensure the normal use of the equipment. The bidder shall specify the maintenance fee standard after the warranty period, the location of the spare parts depot and the site of the repair station of the manufacturer.


6.Reasonable sales service management system :

1. Pre-sales service. Company has a professional sales and service team, thought that promote efficiency, quality of service-oriented enterprises, the company will arrange related professionals responsible for, and the overall planning and design for the enterprise to provide solutions, mutual interests to sign the contract.

2. After-sales service. My company response within 2 hours maintenance services, domestic arrived at the scene within 12 hours, abroad within 3 days arrived at the scene maintenance, to make better products after-sales service work, receive user feedback problems in time, the company has special yibin after-sales service telephone: + 86 0572-8016782, and online message system, has a record of professional answer and make feedback timely, and provide the method to solve the problem. If there is any need for on-site guidance, the company will arrange the relevant professionals within 24 hours to conduct timely guidance to designated locations.

3. Statement of after-sales service: the services provided by our company are free of charge, and the items involved in the cost will be appropriately charged.

Eric Shen